Commercial / Body Corporate Services

The unintentional growing grassed areas and edges will be chopped offbased on the prevailing seasonal needs and any clippings and foreign matters will be removed from the complex.

The old dry leaves also known as leaf litter will be removed from all main and common lawn areas and gardenas intended by customer, and moved out of the complex right away.

It is equally important to remove all the weeds as required from time to time.. Weederadication will be programmed and we shall provide a schedule on an ongoing basis.

The available shrubs, perennials, ground cover and vines will bepruned as intended by client, with close attention given towards the paved areas, walkways and access areas in order to make sure they are kepttrimmed and there is no unnecessary growth. Any pruning material after the completion shall be cleared from the complex. Removal of dead shrubs andtrees upon approval of managing agent. Our Managing agent willadvise you about the replacement of shrubs/trees if any.

It is fairly important to maintain a well grown hedge in such a manner that the focus
is upon a thick consistent growth.

The perennial treeshave to be maintained through correct horticulturalmethods. The treesthat areoversized will be trimmed bya suitably qualified arborist.

All driveways, paths and carparks shall be cleaned with a leaf blower in order to assist the removal of leaf and other debris. Any unnecessary litter and/or debris will be removed from the complex.

A litter free area throughout the complex will be maintained by us with particularattention paid towards the front entrance. The mailbox area aswell as the carpark are also taken care of.

It is important to note the lights in common gardens and they will be checked regularly andreplaced as required.

If it comes to knowledge that any damage has occurred to the complex and identified by the caretaker, the matter shouldbe reported to the body corporate manager immediately so that we can render any assistance needed.

If there are any instances of unsafe common property identified by thecaretaker, it should be reported to the body corporate manager immediately.

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