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It is exactly like cutting someone’s hair from time to time in order to look neat and appealing. Lawn, is basically a normal grass which grows regularly. In order to make the area look good, its important to trim the surfaces with mowing machine. We provide the best Lawn moving services to our clients.

Trimming your lawn means cutting the grass that your lawn mower couldn’t reach. Most lawn mowers do not cut the grass along the edges of the lawn. The grass just grows too sideways in that area. You need to do some edging or trimming along the perimeter of the lawn.

Edging and trimming are pretty close to the same things. Some tools are called edgers because they are designed to trim the lawn along a hard surface like a driveway. Trimmers, on the other hand, can be used anywhere.

In any case, edging and trimming are the finishing touches of mowing. That final touch makes everything look better.


The process of beautifying the lawn is equally important and therefore we insist our clients to install a variety of seed, sapling and plants to make the lawn area more attractive and it is known as landscaping. Sometimes artificial plants are also used for this purpose.

Incase of the plants being a naturally growing one, it is important to take care of the plants from being attacked by insects, pests and many such naturally occurring lives. Therefore we specialise in fertilising also.”

The process of covering a limit or boundary of an area or perimeter is much known as Hedging. We are experts in creating a perfect fence of plants and bushes along your perimeter.

As the word says, it is a crucial process in stopping unnecessary and hazardous matter entering your healthy plants and trees. It is important to do weed control to safe guard the good and sound plants.

Trees naturally have a tendency of growing sideways and vertically upwards. The more they grow sidewards, they tend to shed more weight toward the ground and making them look weak and shabby. Tree Pruning is a process where the edges are trimmed from time to time and the tree looks vertically up and grows erect, therefore having a healthy life.

The process of rose pruning is much similar to tree pruning. Even the healthy rose plant has its major nodes towards the middle of the main stem and the branches growing out are either unnecessary or energy consuming. Rose pruning helps in maintaining the balance of the rose plant and provides a proper and healthy nursery of rose blossom.

The word speaks for itself. It is important to keep your garden and nursery clean and healthy. Therefore we consider it as an interest in helping you out by removing unnecessary rubbish in your garden or nursery, which might include dry leaves, flowers and helping you maintain a beautiful vibrant garden.

Anywhere there is pathway for water, there is a possibility of some foreign matter blocking water flow. Therefore it is important to check the water flowing areas from time to time and clean it in order to ensure proper pathway of water.

Any waste occurring naturally is popularly known as green waste. Most of them include, leaves, seeds, fertilisers and other organic green waste like fruits and vegetables. Therefore it is a fundamental job to remove the green waste in order to ensure the cleanliness and liveliness of the perimeter.

The garden is also much like your living room. It needs to keep upgrading its appearance so that you, your family and friends enjoy spending time in it. We provide a wide range of creative ideas for you to relish the experience of gardening.

Different season calls for different type of maintenance. Sometimes its fall and is full of leaves everywhere. When its monsoon its wet and damp, when its summer the plants are going dry without water. Therefore it is important for you to be in touch with us so that we can assist you in giving the right maintenance for your garden.

As mentioned earlier, clearing the leaves is as important as cleaning the house on a daily basis. We help you in picking up leaves and maintaining the pathway or garden neat and tidy.

Whenever there is a natural calamity like floods, cyclone or earthquake, the trees which are not that strongly grounded like that of pine tend to fall down on the driveway and other crucially important areas of primary access. Therefore we provide all time assistance during such distress.

Any place that is left unattended for a long time becomes a hub of spider and spider webs. We provide assistance to clear the un-necessary mess and try to bring the best out of your place.

We support you to clean your house and inspect them whether it is fit enough to start a proper nursery.

As soon as you decide to sell your house and close a deal, make sure to call us since we are the experts in making your house a new house for the new tenants who would be occupying it.

In your existing garden, if there is a necessity for us to provide you with a new plant or some extra land filling, we do it by spreading mulch or soil in the important areas and make the area fit and fine for new work.

The removal of only partial weeds from the healthy plants is sometimes important since a good and healthy plant may develop weeds naturally. Therefore we focus on hand weeding where we carefully chose and remove the unnecessary weeds from the plants and save it from getting damaged.

As you may be knowing it is a common habit to spray certain amount of insecticide and fungicide to stop plants from getting affected by weeds, insect and worms. We are experts in doing it.

Whipper snipe is a long monofilament line type of tool used to level of the unnecessarily growing grasses which are long and even far to access. They even help in removing the unwanted weeds.

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